Safely extend oil change intervals

Catch engine problems early

Avoid expensive repairs

Works on diesel and gas engines, and with virtually all synthetic and standard oil*.

A reusable motor oil tester permits users to cut motor oil use in trucks, cars, ATVs, motorcycles, tractors, etc. by over 50%.

Fewer oil changes save money and time, cut dependence on foreign oil imports and reduce waste oil pollution. Like hand held oil testers used by NASCAR pit crews, the Lubricheck can detect oil contamination before it can cause serious engine damage. The Lubricheck has a one year warranty.

*Some specialty or extended use oils with high levels of additives, or with metals such as zinc or molybdenum, may give falsely negative results. Examples include Amsoil, Redline, Castrol TWS and non 'SN' Royal Purple oils.

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Get Lubricheck at the price of a single oil change!

Yes, we ship internationally!

Save Time and Money

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Why spend your time and money on uneccessary oil changes when you can test your oil at YOUR convenience? A few drops of oil with the Lubricheck will tell you in less than a minute its quality, without the stress and worry of guessing.

A 'Blood Test' for Your Engine

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Did you know that engine oil can tell a lot about the health of your engine? Like a blood test, oil tests reveal a lot about engine health.

In addition to the acidity of the oil, Lubricheck will react to coolant, water, soot build-up and metal particulates.

If used regularly, Lubritrack can provide an early warning of developing problems, before expensive repairs are needed.

  • "This great little device has already saved me a lot of money. I have 5 portable generators that are used constantly, plus my motorcycle, truck, and wife's car, and the only one that 'needs' an oil change is my truck even though they are all heading into their service time. A great product, KUDOS "

    - Mark in Australia

  • "Overall, the little plastic device impressed us, and it appears to provide consumers the information they need to extend oil change intervals."


  • "Thank you for the Lubricheck tester I received today. I just checked 23 engines today and found many of the engines that I was ready to change oil in still had good oil. Thanks so much for your product."

    - Farmer and Lubricheck customer